Building Tomorrow, Today!

Where will your child be without your intervention?

These are the questions which lingers behind the mind of every parent in the world.

With access to instant answers(Google, YouTube, Parents, etc...), children are not given the time and opportunity to learn about the PROCESS of working towards the answers.

We need to recreate the environment and situation for our child to experience the joy and accomplishment of solving problems with nothing more than the creativity and determination within themselves.

Proud to receive the SME 500 Award for 2022 & 2023 !!

The SME 500 Award not only recognizes our strength and qualities in the pursue for excellence, it also affirms our vision in maintaining leadership and continuous improvement in the field of Robotics and Life Skills Development.

This award is a confirmation of the effort and dedication of the staffs and instructors ensuring the directions of the company is kept true to it's destination.

Founded in 2018, what started out as a passion for LEGO®  and Robotics, turns into a commitment to improve and enhanced the learning habit of our children.

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Regular robotic lessons or holiday camps. The choice of program that suits your child interest and development.

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List of Competitions and Awards

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