About Us

With more than 15 years of experience training and coaching sales professional and business owners in Singapore and around the region on seeing their potentials and breaking through their self imposing limitation. The desire to bring changes and meaningful impact to another group of audience comes into mind. Our children, the future leaders.

In 2018, we decided to put words into actions. Combining the love for LEGO® and nurturing the future generations, RoBlocks and her team is born. Since then, we have participated in numerous Robotics' competition and have won many awards including 1st prize in programming and innovation ideas.

Through the use of LEGO® and its potentials of endless possibilities, we can create a controlled environment for our student to experience the joy of success, and character-enhancing experience of 'controlled failure'. As there is no true success if you have not learned about what failure is. Students learn the concept of science, engineer, programming and math, but not forgetting the most important part, their determination and tenacity towards problems solving and seeing beyond their self imposed limit.

Our focus is to let our students build a more dynamic learning habit/experience. As the limit put forth exist purely out of our lack of imagination. Building a resilient future generation that can think of solution over problem is our core goals to success.

Let us answer any questions which you have to building our next generation!