Junior Robotics

4 to 8 years old

We believe that children are the drivers of the future, and to give them the opportunities and trusts to make decisions that changes the course of their path is always a task much easier said than done. Using the LEGO® Technic with WEDO2.0, students will learn to build and bring their creations to live through a visual based programming platform.

With RoBlocks’ LEGO® Robotics and STEM Education Program, we create a safe environment of simulation and imagination for the student to take charge of their creations.

Through the program, students can learn skills in leadership, community involvement, communicating across different technology platforms, finding their passions, and teamwork, which will position them for success well beyond their school years.

With a rotation of different themes and subject, the program will continue to broaden and expand on the interest of the student. Encouraging them to explore and learn about the history, facts, principles and science behind each model which they built each week.

Making the subject fun and enjoyable will improve the learning experience well beyond the classroom.

Course Details and Pricing

Age group: 4-8 years old

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: 1.5 hours


12 sessions package @ $760 

24 sessions package @ $1,200