Advanced Robotics

8 years and above

Being able to take control of their own creations, students learns to improvise and improve on a process which is always evolving. Understanding that there are multiple ways and possibilities to achieve and complete a set goals. Using the LEGO® EV3 Mindstorms kit to build a thematic models to exhibit the various situation where advanced coding and change the outcome of the objective.

Learning to build a robot to complete a task assigned and to improve the results through a visual/text based programming platform.

Putting their creation to the test and pitting against their peers to see who emerge victorious.

As the student progresses, they will move on to our task-based learning platform whereby they will learn to solve problems through building customed robotics and programming to achieve the goals.

Students(invitation only) will take part in competitions like the First LEGO® League (FLL) and National Robotics Competitions (NRC) as representative of the center. Click to see our Awards and Trophies

Course Details and Pricing

Age group: 8 years old and above

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: 2 hours


10 sessions package @ $1,20

20 sessions package @ $1,960